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Destination Dumbéa and Mont Koghi with Noumea Discovery Tours

A drive to Dumbea – 15 minutes and only 20 km from the New Caledonian capital – offers extraordinary landscapes. After a breathtaking road climb, you will arrive at Koghi Park and a lookout point situated at an altitude of 500 meters with wonderful views of Noumea and the picturesque, World Heritage lagoon.

Once here, you have two choices that are three hours in duration: A discovery hike or a 3-hour tree canopy excursion.

Tree Top Tour

You will swing, slide and cross rope bridges admist the beautiful forest of Mt. Khogi, giving you a birds eye view and feeling. With the help of your certified guide, you will test your qualities of suppleness, balance and boldness through 40 workshops of adventure from 6 to 60 feet off the ground. The Nepalese bridge, the Tyrolean, Tarzan’s jump, monkey’s bridge, and swing rope… just a few of the tests awaiting you.

Mont Koghi Rainforest Discovery Hike

Mont Koghi rises 1061 metres above Dumbea, and its peak and ridges contain waterfalls and swimming holes that offer a respite from the tropical heat. You will be hiking among giant trees in a luxurious rainforest and discover exceptional plant-life. About 3,000 species have been classified endemic to the territory and you will have the unique opportunity to discover them in their natural environment.

To book these trips, contact Rainbow Tourism Accredited Noumea Discovery.

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