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Loyalty Islands: Where time slows down

Bonjour Nouvelle Caledonia

There still exist secret places of picture post card perfection to discover, as empty as the first day of creation. By my eye, The Loyalty Islands offer some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and interacting with locals who cherish their ancestral Melanesian culture is a priceless experience.

If you want to discover what few others have till now, better get packed.

Destination Loyalty Islands

  • Ouvea – the island nearest to paradise
  • Mare – the island that talks to your heart
  • Lifou – the island of many faces

More reasons to visit the Loyalty Islands.

The Islands Fair,  the Avocado Festival or the Snapper Festival on Mare, the Tourist Weekend on Lifou.  the Lagoon Festival on Ouvea.  Involving the entire tribal village, the festivals generate income for the tribes through homestays, sales of agricultural products (coconut soap to vanilla to avocados) and excursions.

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