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Traditional Huts of Kanak Tribes

Accueil en tribu Chez Benoit BonuaThere are many styles of accommodation available on the islands.  You can camp on the beach or in the bush in approved areas, stay at a Gite (camp with some dwellings), in a hut (not unlike hostel with dorm beds and shared kitchen facilities), or a pampering hotel (with restaurant and pool on the waterfront).

There are two hut homestays on Lifou that Rainbow Tourism recommends for couples or families. 1) Chez Jeanette Ihage (3 small thatched huts and 1 traditional hut that sleeps 8 ) at Luecila Village and 2) “Hukekep,” a homestay next to the splendid Luengoni Beach (4 thatched huts, 1 reception shelter and a campsite).

Both hosts speak fluent English, and Jeanette makes her laptop available to guests for downloading photo albums (there’s no internet connectivity).  She warmly welcomes you to her personal hut where she displays a giant turtle shell, and fresh-picked fruit from her garden.  Upon request, she’ll cook the signature local dish, bougna, or a seafood meal.  At Hukekep the owner loves practicing his English and gives interviews about his  land which is immaculate and houses many generations of his family.

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Chez Jeannette Ihage is a family accommodation facility on Chateaubriand Beach across from Drehu Village Hotel.

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School manager-Tour Guide Frederic Gope took me inside his Penelo District village to discuss his little brother’s hut construction project.  Special hardwood is gathered and seasoned before erection of the frame.  During the process, Coconut palm leaves are dried for the siding and roof.  At the final stage, the whole village will pitch in to finish the roof and the all-important carved doorway, interior hearth and windows.

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