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Loyalty Islands Escapes & Festivals

Two-thirds of New Caledonioa’s quarter-million residents live in greater metropolitan Noumea, which hosts the vital economic activity. While there is a lot there to hold tourist attention, it behoves other travelers to escape the commotion of the capital – by escaping to the outer islands.

On Lifou, Mare and Ouvea, you can enjoy the tranquillity of wide-open spaces and the authenticity of the Kanak tribal people who live there. It is here that you can experience traditional songs and dances, see demonstrations of weaving and sculpture, and taste the fruits from the sea and gardens of the native tribes.

Some upcoming reasons to plan a discovery visit to the Loyalties.

WETR 26 – 28 August on Lifou

This festival is a rare opportunity to discover all the ancestral customs of the Kanak culture, including songs, dances and traditional foods, lasting late into the night.

Loyalty Islands Fair 17 – 18 September on Mare

Each year, the festival rotates to one of three Loyalty Islands and this year lands on Mare. It is a showcase for Kanak culture and island life.

Lagoon Day –  May 2012 on Ouvea

The event is an opportunity for all fishermen of the island to demonstrate their spear and net fishing expertise. For visitors, its a chance to taste a fish deemed not “scratching” the pride of Iaai.

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