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24 Hours of Sailing in World’s Largest Lagoon

dream yacht charter

Dream Yacht Charter Noumea

A seasoned mariner or a sailor for a day, stop dreaming and come and enjoy the unique experience of sailing on the Caledonian lagoon!

If you are in Noumea over 10-11 December, you can participate or spectate at the 24 Hours of Sailing event.

jet ski with dolphins in New Caledonia

Jet Skiing with Dolphins

The principle is simple: teams of minimum four persons sail non-stop for 24 hours!

All sailing lovers are participating: wind surfing, kite surfing, dinghy, catamaran, kayaking, even outrigger canoes.

In parallel with this water competition, events are taking place on the land, involving activities associated with sliding, as skateboarding and BMX.

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