Gay and Lesbian Travel in Nouvelle Caledonie – New Caledonia

A Touch of French Riveria in South Pacific

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Fly from Australia or New Zealand to New Caledonia and you could be speaking, eating and drinking in French that day.

More than a destination, Noumea is a lifestyle. The Pacific “French Riviera” is where good taste is combined with the Pacific lifestyle. Sophisticated cuisine and fine wine are two elements of The French Touch experience awaiting you in New Caledonia’s capital.

Noumea today has many wineries, cafes and restaurants that make it a great destination for lovers of fine wine and gastronomy. For a romantic or a family meal, various styles of restaurants offer local products “à la française”. Oysters, lobsters, mud crabs, coconut crabs, shrimps, prawns, bougnas and the famous Caledonian deer and bio-dynamic vegetables are paired with French, New Zealand and Australian wines. French, Asian or Oceanic, New Caledonian cuisine reflects its mixed population, offering visitors a delicious, eclectic menu.

For the gourmets, the curious and others, visitors can attend cooking classes in order to be initiated into the codes of French cuisine –  learn some chefs’ secrets and taste the results of your own work as a bonus.

BOUGNA Bush Tucker in New Caledonia

Outside of the city in the brousse (bush), local specialities feature deer, shrimp, coconut, crab, wild hog and fruit salad.

The Bougna is the traditional kanak dish (Melanesian), chock full of assorted tubers, fish, prawn or impressive lobsters. The whole meal is marinaded in coconut milk then simmered for hours in banana leaves on the hot stones of the Kanak oven. The dish contains yams, sweet potatoes, and taro, plus snails and pigeons – or for the more daring candlenut worm (a fat white worm tasting like hazelnuts, eaten raw or roasted!).

Bon apetit!

Treat yourself to a gourmet getaway, learn French and get into the Pacific Lifestyle. You can select the perfect retreat at a Rainbow Tourism Accredited hotel right on the lagoon. The GLP Group of hotels has a range of tropical and contemporary hotels, from two to four stars, along the promenadae close to the restaurants, cafes and cooking classes. There are other gay-welcoming hotels, venues, language schools and tour operators. Ask the Rainbow Tourism Concierge, a frequent visitor to Nouvelle Caledonie.

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