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Ouvea Walei Yam Festival Offers Homestay Experience – 13 to 15 July 2012

Only a hundred tourists will be lucky enough to attend this year’s Walei Yam Festival on Ouvea.  It is the “sweet yam” harvest celebration – an opportunity to enjoy meals made with the tasty tuber.

The Waleï Festival (13 -15 July) is organised each year in Heo, a tribal village, and Destination Loyalty Islands. They offer about 100 tourists three-day discovery packages including the return airfare from Noumea, accommodation with local residents for two nights and breakfast.

The visitor can thus discover the traditional lifestyle of the Loyalty Islanders and absorb a new culture. For their part, the people who offer hospitality take the opportunity to demonstrate traditional hut accommodation and village life.

Visitors can partake in many activities during the three-day fest.  The standard tour of the island by minibus is for those who have never set foot on Ouvéa, but more interesting are trips on the lagoon to the wild and beautiful Pleiades islets, or a sidetrip to the Lekiny Cliffs by glass-bottom boat or on foot if low tide allows.

By foot, you can take a little walk in the Ognat Forest on the northeast tip of the island looking for the very green and endemic Ouvéa parakeet. More novel is the Nimek hike, three hours return from Saint-Joseph to the extreme north of the island where there is a surprising shark nursery where reproduction is a spectator sport.

Things to see and do on Ouvea
– from the unusual spectacle in a shark nursery to birdwatching for endemic parrots and parakeets to staying with the locals.

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Want to stay in Ouvea or the other Loyalty Islands open for tourists?
Hotel Paradis D’Ouvea is Rainbow Tourism Approved.

Loyalty Islands Win Your Heart for Lagoon, Food, Culture

Where is Ouvea?  It’s the island closest to paradise and part of the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia.  A mere 2.5 hour flight from Sydney or Auckland to the mountain-high international airport and then a half-hour domestic flight from the capital city of Noumea over to the island.
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Before you go, check in with HomoSphere, the local community organisation for events and parties

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